Trek_E-Chuck Supplies

Trek 645

Product details


The Trek® 645 software-driven electrostatic chuck supply with a documented history increases efficiency and throughput equal to three times that of other supplies. The versatile trusted performance of the Trek 645 allows for use in multiple unique tools and processes that eliminates the need to specify a new supply for each unique tool or process in a facility.


  • Reduce backside gas errors, increases throughput, and eliminate sticky/popping wafer issues
  • Control parameters such as over-current, wafer-present, and wafer-clamped thresholds, clamp voltage, offset voltage and internal or external amplitude/offset control
  • Adjust in-process amplitude/offset and output-control versatility
  • Control output using the back panel I/O, serial computer command, or front panel controls
  • Configure for custom clamp and declamp sequences and wave shapes


  • Lockable front panel control interface
  • NIST-traceable calibration certificate provided with each unit
  • Supports both Coulombic and Johnsen-Rahbek ESC technologies
  • Upload and store electrostatic chuck profiles to the unit and stored internally via a user-friendly software interface
  • Wafer detection includes no-wafer, wafer-present or wafer-clamped status